The best processes for the best product and environmental responsibility

Constant monitoring and testing of our processes and tanks by our laboratory technicians maintain the highest production standards in the industry.

Superior Anodizing is dedicated to being environmentally responsible. Our advances in reducing water consumption and removal and recycling of process by-products have created an environmentally sound process, void of hazardous waste.

Certificate of Approval (Air) # 8/300/418/88/896

Environmental Impact

Anodizing is one of the most environmentally-friendly metal finishing processes; anodizing by-products do not contain heavy metals, halogens and volatiles.

The most common anodizing effluents, aluminum hydroxide and aluminum sulfate, are recycled for the manufacturing of alum, baking powder, cosmetics, newsprint and fertilizer or used by industrial wastewater treatment systems.

Anodizing’s environmental friendliness and relative safety are amongst its best properties, in the age of increasing concern for human protection and quality of our land, water and air.

Superior Anodizing creates no hazardous waste in our anodizing operation and holds all necessary permits.